What is Be Positive?

Hello friends, you’ve often heard people say be positive. Often we become very unhappy and we get very disappointed when we get to hear more of these things.

The person also tells us to stay positive, who has never been out of shock in his life. And we also add yes in his Yes that it will be okay.

But you should never forget that being positive is a Feeling that comes from inside us. Until our mind does not believe this thing and we do not experience those things in reality, we do not have positivity.

Why Do People say Be Positive? What it Really Mean?

Be Positive or positivity is a feeling that we experience only when we achieve the extreme bliss of our life.

Suppose you are a businessman and suddenly all your money is robbed by robbers, then someone comes and tells you that don’t worry be positive.

Then you will feel very bad in the hearing because your money will not come back after being positive, but yes it has some scientific significance.

You will often hear that misery comes in pain and happiness comes in happiness. https://www.thesecret.tv/Today we know a small reason behind us because I have not read in the book whose name is The Secret.

be positive

Point 1

According to this book, when we think of a good thing, our mind releases the same type of friction in the universe.

And our body works like a magnet which is made up of the law of gravity. This means that if we talk positive and keep positive thinking, then our body will reflect positivity.

And by doing so, we will attract more positiveness towards ourselves.

Point 2

On the contrary, if we keep thinking negativity overnight, then the same thing is going to come to us. And we often think about why this happens to us as well.

While this is mainly due to the repeated electrical emissions from our brain, which attracts the reason for us.

Be Positive In Crypto World

If you have invested in cryptocurrency and always thinks that we will not get profit then it will happen for sure. But on the other hand, we have to prepare yourself for each result that comes to us.

Just for understanding, you can take the example of one coin cryptocurrency. If you think that your money has been frozen and you start spreading negativity against it, then you will get the results accordingly.

Because when the negative comes out of any project, people stop trusting it. And finally, that project has to be closed.

But on the contrary, if you keep yourself positive and pay attention to all the right issues, then you will feel that this is absolutely fine.

And when a whole community thinks like this then a collective signal goes to the Universe and we get the same in its return.





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