Blogging is not a passive income source

Do you think blogging is a passive income source and want to start blogging to generate some good amount of money by blogging then please be aware of it? Because blogging is not a passive income source. It works only on SEO. If you are getting traffic means you are generating revenue in terms of money. And SEO is totally based on regular updates.
If you stop updating your blog Google will remove your blog from Search Engine. Blogging is a passive income source never it depends on the type of blog. The content subject defines that blogging is a passive income source or not.
Here I am giving you an example of the famous blogger Technical Rippon. In his early days, he works on a blog and updates 4 posts daily then he gets daily 100K traffic and earns almost 250$ every day from his blog.
This information is based on a recent official video on YouTube by him. After the stars making a video and leave to update his blog. Then his traffic decrease from 100K to 10K in 1-2 months. He accepts that he consider blogging a Passive Income source. So please be careful and do not repeat it again.

I am a blogger and working on this platform since last 4 years.  And the only thing I learn here is blogging is not a passive income Source. I will prove that blogging is not a passive income source in this article completely and also will show that, how you lose traffic and revenue when you stop posting on your blog. So to understand it properly just take a look at what is passive income.

Blogging Passive Income

What is Passive Income

Each and every person have a different opinion on this topic but my own definition is that “Passive Income is the Income generating from your asset not from your skills.” So the first thing to generate passive income is to generate asset.  If you want to learn more on this topic please give me a comment there I will show you how to convert your skills into an asset.

Reasons Which Prove Blogging is Not Passive Income Source

  1. Regular Posts
  2. Followup With Readers
  3. Regular Update
  4. Quality of Content

1. Regular Posts

Regular post is the key to grow in blogging. Adsense also provide approval to active blogs. So if you want to generate revenue from your blog you have to update regular post on your blog. Otherwise, traffic on your blog will decrees and also Google will remove it from a search engine. So we can say that blogging is not a passive income source.

2. Followup With Readers

If someone read your blog and finds something interesting in it, then he tries to connect with you. For this, he becomes social with you or he can ask something in the comment section. So you have to check your blog daily and have to take follow up with readers on regular basis. So Here you have to work actively otherwise your readers will become annoyed with you and they will not come to your blog again.

3. Regular Update

Regular update is compulsory because each and every day new blogger is coming to this field and everyone tries best to become number one. So you have to learn new updates daily and have to update your post accordingly. Otherwise, viewers will move to somewhere else and you will get nothing. So it’s not a passive income source.

4. Quality of Content

In passive income, you get money on the basis of your assets like Google. Google is an asset where bloggers publish a blog. So Google just creates a platform for bloggers. And Google will generate revenue with this asset lifetime. But if you are a blogger you have to work on the quality of your post. You have to beat your competitor. So you have to be more active on your blog compared to your competitor. So it’s an active income source.
Here in this blog, I give some examples which show that Blogging is not a source of Passive Income. You can generate regular income unless until you are active on your blog. I want to you guys please give me feedback on this blog that how much you like about this and how you find blogging career in your life.
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