Coinbase Card

Dear friends Coinbase is a UK based cryptocurrency exchange. Recently Coinbase exchange issued Coinbase Cards to its users. Coinbase cards are similar to Visa or Debit card which are used to purchase goods and services.

Coinbase exchange is the biggest exchange that provides a trading facility for more than 42 cryptocurrencies in the present time. And now Coinbase offers Coinbase card to exchange cryptocurrency and fiat currency between merchants and users.

How Coinbase Card Works?

Coinbase Card

Dear friends Coinbase card using process is similar to other Visa and Master Cards issued by banks. But its methodology is very different from other debit and credit cards.

Here, you get a mobile application from the exchange that you have to install on your phone. In this mobile application, you have to add cryptocurrency as per your requirement.

Now that you have been bitten by the exchange, you have to link it to the mobile application.

After linking the card to a mobile application, you can use it to exchange crypto currency in exchange for fiat currency and to shop online.

You may consider the Coinmine Device to understand the working process of the Coinbase card system.

Card Issued By Coinbase Exchange

Dear friends Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange is issuing a Visa card to its customers. Currently, there are 1000 users that get free Coinbase card from the exchange.

Actually, the Coinbase exchange was initially issuing cards to its UK users. But now it expands its user base. And as per the new report published in the CNBC Coinbase exchange have reached 6 countries of Europe.

Coinbase Card Accepted Countries In Europe

Coinbase Card

Right now, I want to give you information about the countries where the Coinbase card or Coinbase Visa card is used.

  • Spain,
  • Germany,
  • France,
  • Italy,
  • Ireland, and
  • the Netherlands

You might be thinking that this Coinbase credit card is used only in only 6 countries in Europe. This is very little but my friend is still just the beginning.

Gradually, the project will reach the whole of Europe, and then it will reach the credit card and visa card on all the continents.

If we talk about the utility of this card, then it is very good and rapid growth, reaching 6 countries of the world within 2 months is a huge success in itself.

Cryptocurrency Could Be Spend With Coinbase Card

If you have heard about this card, then it’s true that you will definitely want to know which cryptocurrency can be used by this card.

So you do not tension at all. I am going to tell you which kind of cryptocurrency can we exchange with this card.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

If you also have this type of card, you can use it both online and offline. And you can shop using cryptocurrency lying in your mobile application.

In Which Phone We can Install Coinbase Visa Card Application?

Look at my information, so far only three types of phones are at the forefront.

According to a survey, most Android phones are used in the world. Based on the report received we can say that the iPhone is in the second position and Windows phones are in third place.

Android and iPhone cover almost 95% of users so new application is developed for these smartphones. Initially, this coin base application was launched for android phones but now it is available on both Android and IOS operating systems. 

  • Android
  • IOS


Does CoinBase Charge Money For Issuing And Using Card?

Here I will share all information about the fee taken by Coinbase exchange for issuing cards and the amount deducted by the company for using cards on different stores.

Fees for Issuing Card

Initially, the company issued cards to its users for free and there were almost 1000 cards distributed by the company for free to its users.

But now the company is taking some charge and I don’t know the exact amount. From a website, I found that Coinbase is taking a 100 euro fee for issuing visa cards to its users.

But I am not sure about this information. Let’s see what is right I will update when I will receive the exact report from CNBC.

Fee For Currency Exchange

Before starting your talk, let me tell you that the cryptocurrency exchange is the world’s cheapest exchange. Cryptocurrency payment can be transferred internationally without any fee or with a very low fee that is equivalent to zero.

Coinbase charges a very little amount for converting cryptocurrency into fiat. And after that, all transactions on all online and offline stores are completely free.