Cryptocurrency Course

Dear friends, do you know that the Indian Government is offering a cryptocurrency course to understand Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Recently there was a piece of news being viral on social media that the Indian government is going to impose fines and jail for holding crypto in India.

And on the next day we got a piece of news regarding the cryptocurrency course is being promoted by the Indian government seems strange. But it is true that the Indian government is promoting blockchain technology and cryptocurrency course.

What is the Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Course?

The Cryptocurrency course initiated by the Indian government is very well known as SWAYAM. As per the info from the source, the SWAYAM course is developed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Swayam course is completely free for everyone but if you are trying to get a certificate for doing the job in any multinational company then you have to pay Rs:-1000/.

It is very clear that you can take education free, but if you want a certificate you need to deposit ₹ 1000. You can apply for this course between 29 July to 18 Oct. 

And if you are going to do it for a certificate then you have given an exam in the month of November.

What Do We learn in Cryptocurrency Course?

Cryptocurrency Course

Cryptocurrency course is a 12-week undergraduate course. In this course, we will learn “Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases”.

This course is certified by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). Dear friends this is a central level undergraduate course. And most importantly it is absolutely free.

This crypto course will educate you for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Countries Offering Cryptocurrency Course Officially

Dear friends This type, of course, is prevalent in most countries of the world where the cryptocurrency is officially regulated.

This type, of course, is prevalent in most European countries and American countries. There, people are updated about this new technology.

There, people are updated about this new technology. About 15,000 people participated in this campaign run by the government.

What is the Main Objective of the Crypto Course?

Cryptocurrency Course

The main purpose of the cryptocurrency course run by the government of any country is to make people aware of this new technology. And The main purpose of the cryptocurrency course run by the government of any country is to make people aware of this new technology.

Likewise, Through this course, people are taught that what is a cryptocurrency and how it works. In the crypto course, knowledge is also given in the details of mining and trading.

Here we also explain the process of removing risk management and financial crises. And along with how we can avoid hacking, this type of information is also given.

Benefits of Crypto Course

After doing this course, we get complete information about all payment transactions in the market. 

Only after doing this course we find out how we can cross-border transactions at very little cost.

And the best part is that we do not need any third party here.

The economy of the country gets a lot of help because the cryptocurrency does not depend on any center.

When the information goes on, low scores in the trading can be reduced and more profits can be held.

After successfully completing the course, you get a degree of Graduation.

Likewise, After successful completion of this course, you can work in any top multinational company.

After completing the course, we become so knowledgeable that we can develop such a technique through which to increase the regulation of the cryptocurrency in the coming time.

Is Cryptocurrency Ban News Fake?

On the one hand, the government is talking about the Cryptocurrency course and on the other hand, another news is becoming viral in social media.

According to this viral news, India may have to pay a minimum of 10 years of punishment and financial fines for holding a Cryptocurrency.

Now the concern of the people is increasing that which of this news is true. Regional I hereby clear the information here which is right and which is wrong.

The News Viral, which is getting viral currency in the Economic Times, is completely baseless, cannot be trusted.

On the contrary, according to the public news article on, the Indian government is promoting cryptocurrency and Bitcoin education. This news is absolutely correct.

Because this information can also be verified on the Swayam website run by the Indian Government, where we get all the information right.

And to further strengthen our knowledge, we can check the records of last year on this website. According to which approximately 15000 people had this cryptocurrency course in the month of July last year.

Cryptocurrency Course Conclusion

Our country’s government wants to bring a complete digital revolution. We are engaged in the day-night effort to make our country fully digital.

And the second name of digitalization is blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. So we should think of ourselves that how the country which wants to bring a digital revolution with full readiness can become a cryptocurrency.

In order to bring the information of this technology to the public, significant efforts like cryptocurrency courses are being made by the government for the year.

We must attend the cryptocurrency courses and help our nation by increasing our knowledge level.

Well, my idea is that we should make this provision in all the professional educational institute that it is very important for you to do a cryptocurrency course for any computer job.

Similarly, Whatever professional education is given in our country, whether it is an MBA, BCA, MCA or B Tech, all these must also be given to the cryptocurrency course.

I hope you like the information given by me, if you want to take some of the information related to it, you can comment. I answer all the comments asked by my Vivars if they are properly asked.

Those who try to spam by commenting on the website, I delete their comments.


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