If you are a blogger and thinking to work on a Jobsite like Sarkari Result or Free Job Alert, then you should stop it immediately otherwise you will waste a lot of time and will get nothing. I am explaining completely in this blog that you should work on Jobsite or not, like Sarkari Result or Free Job Alert. So you should go through this complete blog and take a decision.

If you ask yourself why you want to start a Jobsite like Sarkari Result or Free Job Alert then probably the first answer is to earn money. And another may be to get more traffic like these two Jobsite Sarkari Result or free Job Alert. Sarkari result is getting about 84 million monthly traffic and Free Job Aler is getting about 22 million monthly traffic.

So these two Jobsite have created a brand name everyone trust that they could not provide any fake information like other copied Jobsite. So these are more reliable to users.

Here I am stating 8 major points which make you clear that you should avoid these two job Sites.

  1. Low CPC
  2. High Competition
  3. Reliability
  4. Duplicate Content Issue
  5. Content Ranking Issue
  6. Daily Hard Work 
  7. Active Work And Active Income
  8. Post SEO Issue

1. Low CPC

These two job sites have good search volume it is very good for all bloggers but along with this they have very low CPC rates and they have Medium Competition. So its complete meaning is that you have to beat almost 100 million people in this race. Which is a tough task?

Let’s suppose you are a very hard working guy and do everything to make it possible. And as we know to beat these Job sites you took 2-3 years. Now you can say that I will rank in less time, so its ok but to earn liability you have to spent time. Then finally you will get 0.01 to 0.02 CPC rates as per proof. (see the attached image.) So think again you are again going to work hard and the basic rule to success is work Smart not Hard. So kindly select a new unique topic and start work on it to get succeed soon. The choice is yours.


2. High Competition

Recently a lot of bloggers are working on job sites with a different name. Some of them are ranking the same keyword with a different subdomain. You have to work a lot to beat them also. So it defines the competition you have to face with your Jobsite. So I will suggest you work on a different topic. However, it would be related to job sites. If you want to get ideas then please leave a comment below to suggest ideas about topic related Jobsites.

3. Reliability

Readers reliability is the main source of success. So If you want to get success to have to be reliable to your viewers or readers. And it will happen if you provide all the correct and genuine information before everyone else. But here at Job sites, you will post after others. Even if you will post first then they will go to the Sarkari Result of free Job Alert as these two are more reliable among readers.

4. Jobsite Duplicate Content Issue

Actually, on job sites, we write everything from notification published on the official website. And Like tech specifications somewhere its overall structure is the same as others. So it may be possible that your content will show an external or internal duplicate error. Which is very dangerous for the ranking of your website. So be aware because traffic is the main source of everything you aspect from your blog. And if you plan for such job site then you have to work hard to rank and remember your content should beat the belief of 84 million peoples in India only.
The second thing is that if your content is plagiarism free unique but show some duplicate error then it will not rank on Google. So prepare yourself for this.

5. Keyword Ranking Issue

Keyword ranking issue is also the main problem in job sites. Here you have rank your website more than your keyword because almost all of the Government job notification time period is equal or less than 1 month. And Google takes almost 1 month to rank your post. When your post will start ranking then time limit will become an end. And nobody is going to search that. So it is also a big deal. So if you are a beginner and want to start a blog then forget about job sites like Sarkari Result.

6. Daily Hard Work

Here at job sites, you have to work hard every day because job notifications come each and every day. You have to be a genius in this competitive world. Each day you have to post and every day you have to do SEO sometimes you have to do multiple posts otherwise your competitor will beat you. Suppose you have to go for a family function for 2-3 days or you are busy in some domestic work or you are tired from office work and don’t want to update then you will lose your traffic and money. So be aware before starting any job site.
Here I am not saying that you can not do that, I just want to state the positive and negative aspects of starting a Job Site. Working on Job sites is good but if you are beginner then forget about it and concentrate on some other niche which has more options to be rank easily.

7 Jobsite Active Work And Active Income

As I stated in point no. 6 here you have to work daily. So like other government or private job, it will become an active source of income. Job site will generate money for you until or unless you publish post after that you are going to get nothing. Because it is an active source of income or you can say short-term income because of short-term traffic.
Our main objective through online should be to generate good passive income. Means traffic should come to your post for a long time. Even if you post regularly. I will suggest you work on an evergreen topic to work does not matter it is related to job sites or not.


8 Jobsite Post SEO Issue

SEO is the main key to generate traffic and this traffic is converted into revenue. So on Job sites, you have to focus on website SEO, not the post SEO. The reason behind this is that in government jobs notifications are always only for a short time period like1 month. And any content took almost 1 month to rank properly in the search engine. So when your post starts ranking in Google people will stop searching it. So this is the main issue with job sites.

So finally I hope you understand everything about Do not work on Job sites like Sarkari Result of Free Job Alert. I recommend you do not work on job sites because they have low CPC and SEO Issue. And you have to do hard work and only active income generated here. Beside this, you are free to do what you want if you like this article and want more similar to this kindly leave a comment. I will try my best to solve it.