French Finance Minister Views on Libra

Dear friends due to Bloomberg report the whole cryptocurrency and remittance market is in shock about Libra. Actually, as per the current news Libra is going to be used as a Payment system. I will discuss French Finance Minister views on Libra cryptocurrency.

If the sources are to be believed, then we can also say that Facebook has copied the entire project that was a onecoin crypto. 

In what way the One Life Company has had to fight in the market, in the same way, people have begun conspiring against Facebook crypto.

By seeing the way the big scholars are giving their own about Libra, it seems that in the future, Facebook Coin will be used as Remittance.

Indeed, in the whole world, a group is named G7, which monitors the incoming cryptocurrency regulation or provides the authority.

Some people in this 7-country group are telling a completely ruined cryptocurrency Facebook, some finance office has stopped believing that Libra is not a cryptocurrency.

Official News French Finance Minister Views

France’s finance minister Le Maire says that the Facebook cryptocurrency Libra should not really happen and if it has happened then it should not stay.

Because if this currency came in the market then people would start using Facebook instead of the dollar and this will cause huge losses to the United States financial system.

That’s why the United States would never want to go into a crypto project market like Facebook and that is why there is a big dispute in the United States that there is a great deal about onecoin.

Libra Price Factors

It is believed that Libra’s price will remain stable here but you will not get much benefit if you hold a coin. It is very clear that if you want to buy it for price benefit, you should not buy it.

All other cryptocurrencies of the market such as bitcoin, Etherium, and light are fixed on the basis of price trading volumes of these, etc. However, there will be no trading on Facebook.

That’s why there will not be much flexibility seen in the price here and its prices will remain constant like the dollar.



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