Hidden SEO Tips

Dear friends If you are a blogger and want to earn a decent income from your website, then you should be aware of these hidden SEO tips. Friends SEO is very important to reduce your hard work for ranking a website on top pages.

Today I am trying to share some hidden SEO secrets which will help you to boost the traffic organically. Actually, these are those hidden SEO techniques which I am following since I started my blogging career. 

Whenever we want to rank our website in Google then we have some challenges related to search engine optimization.

Most of which can be solvable with great comfort but we do not know about this hidden SEO information. And when we do not use these tricks on our website, then our website is consumed by our rivals.

In today’s competitive era, we should take advantage of this Hidden SEO information by applying them to our website.


1. URL Audit

We should make the URL of any post on our website very carefully. I am giving some tips that you can follow to create a good URL.

URL Tips

  1. Very Short URL.
  2. No numeric value in the URL.
  3. Use fewer consecutive words in the URL.
  4. Focus Keyword Should Be in URL.
  5. URL should be with post name formate.


Hidden SEO Example of Good URL

I am writing this post on the Hidden SEO topic. So according to the Google algorithm, my Post URL is:


Here I have not used any numeric value. And I have also embedded the URL of the person whose world I want to rank on.

And if you look carefully, you will find that the URL of this post is kept very small, which is SEO friendly. 

Keeping a short URL gives Google’s crawler no trouble finding posts. Because here you have given all things to the point.

Hidden SEO Example of Bad URL


Here I have also given you an example of an incorrect URL. Numeric numbers have come in this URL and its length is also very high.

When Google crawlers come here, they will be confused which keywords to raise from here. And in this way, your posts will not crawl in the Google search engine.

2. Proper Title, Tag And Meta Description

Whenever you give a title to a post, always keep in mind that the title should be completely unique and retractive.

For example, you can take the title of this post, which is as follows.

Hidden SEO [Tips] To Rank No. 1 in Google Search Engine 2019

Here we have closed the tips inside the bracket and have used the number like 2019 in this title. By using these things the title becomes slightly retractive and unique.

Along with this, we have also noticed the length of the title, the length of the title should be between 40 and 80 words.

Meta Description

Hidden SEO

As you are able to see in the post, we have written the meta description very well. The length of our Meta Description is very accurate for both mobile and desktop browsers.

When writing a meta description, we should keep in mind that our meta description length should be between 140 and 150 words.

Then our post will be optimized and we will be very comfortable in Google search engine optimization.

3. Hidden SEO Length

When writing a post, it is very important to pay attention to the number of words too.

In order to rank any post in today’s time, we need a super-long article.

Super Long Article does not mean that you will only write anything to increase the number of words.

You also have to focus on the quality of the words because if you rank the post by increasing the number of words, then it will be down after a while.

When writing a post, you must use the H1, H2, H3, and all other headings as a proportional way.

You will also need to use the keyword within your major headings so that Google’s color is easy to understand as your content.


4. Site Speed Hidden SEO

Hidden SEO

To make website search engine optimization friendly, we also have to take help on our own.

We have to make our website very light and speedy.

To explain this, I would like to give you an example of the CEO of the Amazon website.

Amazon’s owner says that if one website is loaded from 1 second, the customer will lose 10% of the website.

It is clear from here that 10% of traffic will be lost it your website will load a 1-second delay.


5. Link Building 

Linking is a process that enhances your website’s recommendation.

To explain this, I would like to give you an example of a student.

Suppose a student has to read the tuition of physics and he has 5 teachers to read the tuition. Now the same student has to select one of the top 5 teachers.

Now the student will consult with his friends and family who should teach from a teacher. Some students’ families and friends who specialize in this will go to the same tuition.

This complete process will help you to understand the link building process. The more the backlinks the website has, the more Google Trust Factor will increase this website.

And it is very important for good website optimization to get quality backlinks. Backlinks can be taken in 2 ways First of all, write the type of content that others would appreciate.

By doing so, this website will give you backlinks on your own. 

In a second way, you will need to talk to the owners of these websites and discuss what we have written 1 article which requires battling that you give us a bank link from your website.