United State Vs Konstantin Ignatov

Dear friends as all of you want to know about Konstantin Ignatov Bail denied status, I am sharing some proof and links which will clear each and every point.

Actually, in this post, we are going to share the detail information regarding Konstantin Ignatov Bail denied by the Hon. Judge Edgardo Ramos. 

As we all know that OneCoin leader Konstantin Ignatov is currently in the United States and facing the Trial of OneCoin. USA authority is investigating the whole One Ecosystem and when everything will be cleared from their side result will be declared.

Meanwhile, we have to get in touch with OneCoin official News Letter and Justic.Gov website to get the latest updates in this case. 

A bail was demanded by Konstantin Lawyer which complete details are given below.

Konstantin Igantov Bail Application

Konstantin Ignatov Bail Denied

A bail application for Konstantin Ignatov was initiated by Konstantin Lawyer on 27 May. And it was demanded that Konstantin is not the concerned person after Dr. Ruja Ignatova. So please grant the bail.

Actually, It was said that Konstantin was doing the only a clerical task after her sister was not active since 2017-2018.

I am not sharing much-translated words here as these may go wrong. So please read everything on the giving link of the court listener.

Konstantin Ignatov Bail Denied Twitter Proof

Konstantin Ignatov Bail Denied

OneCoin Insider is a Twitter account that posts the above image regarding US lawyer bail denied the incident. Actually, this twitter account is not an official account but the proof posted by the account is true. And for the reference, I have shared the link to this application. 

If you want to study all things in detail then you can go to the official link of the court listeners website. Along with this, you may follow the Justic.gov website for getting the latest news updates regarding the USA case of OneCoin system.


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