Libra Demerits

Dear friends everyone wants to make his future bright and that’s why people taking Libra so seriously. Actually Libra is a unique system in our history. But today I am going to share Libra demerits which will help you to cleaver investment.

Libra Demerits in Detail

1. Online Storage

When we purchase bitcoin, we can store it in two ways. Bitcoin can be stored in your mobile or laptop hard disk and it is considered completely safe.

Here you can store your bitcoin cryptocurrency completely offline. But you should always remember the password of that folder if you forget your password will be lost your property.

On the other hand, if you purchase bitcoin from an exchange, you can also save it in your account. For example, if you buy 10 bitcoin from and keep them there on your account there.

The process is called the online process, light can sometimes prove to be dangerous. If anyone will hack cryptocurrency exchange then your coins will be hacked.

We can not store offline in any way to a Facebook coin. And it is going to be its biggest drawback. We can keep Global Coin only on Libra exchange.

Facebook Demerits Social Media Messaging

Facebook has planned that anyone can send money to each other via WhatsApp and Messenger. In Asian countries such as India and Pakistan, WhatsApp and Facebook are widely used in circulation.

So here we can understand this concept with great ease and send money to my friends via message.

But in larger countries like the United States, people will find out whether this type of payment system will be excused or not.

Because Asian people only believe in easing things, regardless of the result. But the people of the United States are very advanced and they know that some time ago Facebook had been accused of stealing your customer’s data.

Americans can also think that the company which has a data daughter of its clients will be able to keep the cryptocurrency safer.

At the same time, we should not forget that Facebook generates all its revenue from advertising. And it keeps fluctuating.

And now it is to see how much Facebook’s crypto project is so successful. That is why some of the initial relativity issues could be there.


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