Marketing Tips For Rapid Business Growth in 2019

Marketing Tips

Business Marketing Tips

Hello Friends! today I am going to share some marketing tips shared by some top entrepreneur. These tips are based on the personal experience of those successful businessmen. 

I also follow some of these and get an awesome result. So I decided to share these marketing tips with all of you. 

And I am sure that you will be benefitted by following these.  

1. Share Your Story Marketing Tips

If you want to get success in a very few time then you should share your story with your customers.

Sharing story tells your success struggle which impacts directly to your success. I have seen many people they become more popular by sharing their story.

You should share your ups and down with people through social media, emails, news and all other possible means.

For achieving success, you should share why you start this business and what kind of problems you are facing and how you are dealing with these problems.

Sometimes it makes an emotional attachment with your customers and this is the best hitting or knocking point to success.

2. Radio Interview Best Marketing Tips


Radio interviews are the most important and oldest method to promote your business. It can give potential customers very easily.

Once there was an old building in New York to sale. But due to bad location, nobody was going to buy that.

While all methods were a flop, the owner decides to promote it on Radio. And you won’t believe within 24 hours that building was sold with a good price.

So this is the power of the radio interview. Actually, it increases the reach of your business and services.

For promoting your business you can contact radio stations and ask for the interview with them. If you get a call for interview then you are lucky.

3. Public Speaking Marketing Tips

If you want to increase the value of your business and want to generate maximum lead generation then you must do public speaking.

The best way to lead Generation is by public speaking, you have to pay attention to it.

Whenever you tell the public about your business, then some of them will certainly like some of your ideas.

And this is where your game starts. Now it is very important to talk public about whatever business you do.

By doing this, you will get a new customer and your business sale will also increase. So whenever you get an opportunity to talk to the public you must do it.

And tell the truth as much as possible to the people, tell about your struggle, how you are so successful. Share your success story with the public.

4. Third Party Guest Posting Unique Marketing Tips

marketing tips

If you do blogging then you will know very well about guest posting. Guest post will increase your business to grow rapidly. 

Now you should be wondering how guest posting is contributing to the other business. Actually, it really means that some third person should talk about your team and your performance.

You can do it by maintaining a high-performance team and other social influencers.

If you promote your business with the help of a social influencer, it is considered as similar to guest posting.

You can use any popular social media influencer to promote your business. It can increase your sales multiple time in a very short time and very low-cost investment.

5. Be Specific Effective Marketing Tips

You have to prove yourself different from others. You have to develop such quality so that people will choose your product.

If you will have any speciality, then people will come to your business and they would like to develop business relation with you.

If you want to make your business really big, then you have to select some specific people.

You have to make a list of them and commitment to their heart. This will strengthen your business relationship and increase your reliability in the market.

Here I am not saying that you have only kept in touch with the old customer, you also have to find new customers also.

So that you are ready for the next generation problem if anything happened wrong within the meantime.

You have to prove yourself different from others. You have to develop such quality so that people will choose your product.

6. Give Performance Guarantee Very Effective Marketing Tips

Marketing TipsIt is very important to trust customers to make any new business bigger.

And, If you want to make something bigger and want to finish the computation on the market, then you have to give your product performance guarantee.

Doing this will increase the reliability of people towards your product.

Whenever we go to the market and do a new product, we have a fear in our mind whether it will work or not.

But when we are offered something on behalf of the company, such as 1-year warranty or 30 days return we opt it very easily.

That’s why I repeatedly say that to be successful, the guarantee of performance must be guaranteed.

7. Meet Potential Customers Marketing Tips

I want to explain this point to give you an example. If you want to climb a train at Andheri then you have to stand before the people. When the train arrives, people will blow you into the train and you do not have to do anything.

In the same way, if you have to complete the process in your business, you will start meeting with the successful people.

Take a little time out of your precious time and meet up with the successful people. It is enough for successful people to make you the most successful.

8. Become Little Outrageous

This method is a little weird but 100% proves to be effective. A very big businessman Frank has said that to achieve his success he uses this method.

He used to gift pizza to his potential customer free and took out a triangular part from that pizza and placed his contact details in it.

And by using this mater they got a lot of potential customers who bring J curve in their business.

You have to think something like this to grow bigger and grow your business.

9. Alignment With Trade Associate

To make any business big, it is very important for us to know what our competitors are doing in the market.

And to do all this we have to create a trade association. We can also participate in the trade association made in the market and find new customers for ourselves.

If you live in India then you can see this type of trade fair in Pragati Maidan. There is a special trade association for every product category.

And in every country of the world, such trade associations are running.

10. Offer Add-Ons Most Used Marketing Tips

If you want to grow your business then you have to give your customers some extra features.

With this, you will have a big business and you will also benefit from the customers. And giving such facilities is not a big deal.

If you are a travel agent, you can give your customers food free during travel bookings.

And in the same way, if you are selling a product, you can give one free with three. This is very much running in the market and nowadays people also promise to give one free with one.


So I  share top 10 business marketing tips with you guys. And I am sure if you will follow these tips you will never find failure in your life.

If you will follow 5 out of them then it may be enough to grow any business very fast.  



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