Meta Description

Dear friends Meta Description plays an important role in SEO. The search engine looks for meta description while shortlisting posts for fetching results about a particular Keyword.

Meta Description is a quick overview of the content. Actually, Google or any other search engine serves a short paragraph when some search for any keyword.

There are always some changes in Google Algorithms and due to which we have to work for SEO Updates. For this, we should be active on SEO Blogs.

What is a Meta Description?

Meta Description is a short overview of any post. By this, we find out which topic is covered in this whole article. 

When a person types a keyword in Google, the first time the Google search engine’s robot comes with a meta description title and a URL based on the post to the front page.

Our title and meta descriptions should be both unique, only then Google’s robots will bring our post to the top.

Whenever we write a post, we should always keep in mind that our meta description should be SEO friendly.

For this, we have to write a meta description of a particular length according to both the mobile phone and the desktop.

What Should Be Meta Description Length?

If most people visiting our website use a laptop, our post’s meta description length should be between 150 and 160 words.

But if most of the mobile users are coming to our website, then we should reduce our post’s meta description to a minimum of 140 to 150 words.

If you use WordPress, there is a plugin called “Yoast SEO” which gets us the instructions to do all this work upon installing.

If your website is hosted on Blogger, then you will have to do all these things yourself. By the way, it is seen on an average basis, the 150-word meta description is considered to be very good for both mobile and desktop.

So whether your website is on any platform, it can be done on WordPress and also on other platforms like Joomla and others.

150 words are enough to give a post description for everyone.

How Frequently We Should Update Description?

You have often seen that whenever we update or post a post on our website, then it ranks for a few days, but after that it becomes less traffic coming on.

The main reason for this is that other bloggers use more backlinks and words than we do. Along with this, these people also change their website’s meta descriptions and this is the reason why their website goes above us.

So if you want to bring your website to the top of the Google search result, then you have to keep changing your meta description from time to time.

I have experienced this thing myself only after that I am sharing my tips.

Whenever you write a post on someone’s bird, type it in Google to see which number of your posts is being ranked. If your post is not at the top, make any changes as needed, so that it will be at the top.

After this, by checking the same keyword by typing in the same keyword at approximately 5 to 7 days. If the post is going down, change the meta description.

What Will Happen If I forget to Write Meta Description?

It is often so that we forget to write a description of our post at the time of writing it. This is not a new thing and this mistake also makes big bloggers in the world.

So you do not need to get more tension here because the post of people who do not write the descriptions are also posted on Google Top pages.

And the main reason for this is that what Google needs is the one that takes it on its own. When we forget to write a meta description of our post, Google’s robot raises any paragraph of 150 words from our post and fetches in Google with our title.

How Important is Title?

The title also plays an important role in rank any post in Google.

Based on the title itself, the human brain determines whether we should click on the link to this post or not.

Like the human brain, we must also understand Google’s robot and it’s i.q. But remember, you should write the title of a post.

By doing this, we get the advantage that we are giving Google the same thing which is necessary for it, and from nowhere we will be benefitted.

In the title, we must include the keyword and if possible, keep the keyword in the title at the start. When writing a good title for any post, it is very important to put a newer value in it too.

By doing so, your post will be the latest and unique, but remember one thing is not to do anything unnecessarily. 

If you inadvertently include things in your post, Google will also penalize your site and your post will move downward instead of upstairs.

Meta Description

Total Number Of Keywords Included in Meta Description

According to the immediate change in Google’s algorithm, we should only use the focus keyword twice in our post’s description.

If your website is on WordPress and you use the use Yoast SEO plugin in it then you will get an error if you use keywords more than two times.

But if we have our post ranked on more than one bird, then we can use all those keywords in my own description.

And by doing so, we will not violate any of Google Search Engine Optimization rules and our posts will also rank very well in Google.