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How To Sell On eBay E-commerce Platform To Make Money Online



sell on eBay

How to Sell on eBay?

Hello, friends today I will tell you how to sell on eBay in full detail. If you are a business owner and want to expand your business throughout the world. Then you have to come on an online e-commerce platform. 

Amazon and eBay are the largest e-commerce platform and you can sell on eBay Amazon everything that ever you want. 

The e-commerce platform has so much potential that you can make your small business worth of billions of dollars. Here best this is that you transform your business from active to passive income source.

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What I Should Know Before Sell on eBay?

 Before creating a seller account on any e-commerce platform, it is very important for us to read all its terms and conditions.

It is very important to keep in mind that what we can sell and what we can not sell on eBay. And how we can ask for payment from our customers.

Some Important points to remember:-

  • You can not sell illegal drugs.
  • Illegal and unauthorized products are strictly prohibited on eBay.
  • Nobody can sell weapons on eBay.
  • Pornography content is not allowed.

What is The Selling Fee on eBay?

  • Different fees have been set for selling different products on eBay.
  • This fee relies heavily on the merchant’s business type shipping condition and selling quantity.
  • It is very important for you to check the charges for your product.

What Type of Account is Required to Sell on eBay?

There are two types of seller accounts on eBay.

  1. Private Seller
  2. Business Seller


Private Seller

If you want to sell your home’s personal belongings on eBay, then you have to create a private seller account?

Through this account, you can sell used home hand items with great ease.

Business Seller

If you make goods in your home to sell, then you have to create a business-seller account on eBay.

If you sell goods by buying goods from another person then you need to create a business account.

If you want to sell goods by purchasing goods from a company, you still need to make a business account.

Can I Sell Without GST number of eBay?

You do not need a GST number when you sell goods through a private account.

If you want to sell goods through a business account, it is compulsory to get a GST number.

I hope you have understood all these things and now you want to know how we can sell on eBay. So let’s start now without taking too much of your time.

How to Start Selling on eBay?

sell on eBay

Step I Do Registration to Sell on eBay

The first step to sell on eBay is to register your account on eBay official website.

This registration process is very simple and you didn’t need to pay anything for registration.

You should have a credit card, PayPal Account, and Bank Account.

During registration, you should allow both buying and selling access to your account as you may need to purchase something.

And sometimes you sell products after purchasing them from other stores.

Step II Add eBay ID

When you register your account, you are asked to do an eBay ID.

This ID is the identification of your store, you must make it related to your business.

This ID is mandated in all the transactions from your account. You can also call it Store ID.

Setup PayPal Account

For accepting payment from your customer and for purchasing goods from others you need a PayPal account.

Setup this PayPal account with your eBay account. PayPay is the first choice of customers as it is accepted worldwide.

If you don’t have a PayPal account then sign up right now. You will need an ID proof, Pan Card, Debit Card/ Credit card and Bank account number.

Categorized Your Product

Categorization of the product is most important for a good sale as well as the good search result.

Many buyers search product with the category. First, they go to the website and then select a category.

So your products should be listed in the appropriate category with appropriate category and description.

Select Good Title

A title is the main attraction point for a product. So your title should be in such a way that people click on it with great interest.

In this way, the product sell has a lot of chance to grow. You can search most sell title on Amazon and also use Google trends for the good keyword.

This will give you a good result and if you don’t have time to do this you can hire a good freelancer.

Content Development

Content is the main key factor for generating the sale. Because when someone wants to buy a product he/she read all detail description carefully. 

And if the description is satisfactory then he purchases the product. But if the description is not good then he will not buy that product and will move for the next seller.

So if you don’t know then learn how to write good title and description. Otherwise, hire a good freelancer for title and content development.

High-Quality Images

The most important things for sale look and how you are presenting your product.

You should choose a good quality camera for capturing HD images.

The image quality of the product should be very good. I am saying this because people see the product’s look before reading the description.

If people like the look of the product, they do not pay much attention to the description.

Shipping Policy and Terms & Condition

Shipping policies should be very clear for the customers. You can choose to redeem at the location, shelf organized shipping and online shipping as per the product requirement.

If you are paying shelf organized shipping then you can add the shipping fee in the price of the product.

You should describe all terms and conditions like product return policy and other details clearly.

The more clearly you speak to your client, is much better. You should not make any fraud with your customer to be a good seller.

The more honest you are, the better your business will grow.

Why eBay is so Popular?

eBay can be accessed throughout the world.

It provides an opportunity to all type of merchants either with small or with big business.

Likewise, it provides training to the seller about how to expand the business, how to deal with customers and how to represent the products.

Here you find a very good and easy way of product categorization.

It can be used anywhere from all over the world, so that’s why it’s a so popular site.

Here you can see different types of deals and discounts. 

On this website, you can sell a product with a very good price. Old and ancient things could give you a huge amount.

With my personal experience, I have sold much product with a very high price. The main reason is the high demand in other countries.

Maybe some product has less value in India but it may be more demanding in the US or Canada.

These people can bid a good amount for your product. And their minimum bid is quite enough for the developing countries. As their currency value is very low compare to US and UK.

Some Important Tips, Guidelines, And QnA to be a Successful Businessman or Seller

Sell on eBay With Return Policy

If you want to be a successful businessman and want to generate more sells on eBay then it is compulsory to have a return policy.

Now you may think it will reduce my profit, obviously but it will be only 2% and your profit will increase by 80%.

Actually return policy provides good reliability about the product and the seller.

Because no fraud seller will have a return policy. And if you are having a return policy then your product is reliable and genuine.

Customer will trust you because you have the ability to accept your damaged product.

Those all website which has return policies are the biggest and most successful e-commerce website in the world like Amazon, Snapdeal, etc.

You can define your own terms and condition for return policies like a particular time period, a particular cost product and also item type, it’s your choice.

Sell on eBay With Free Shipping

selling on eBayFree word is very important for customers. Actually, it creates an impact that we are getting something free, and our mind orders us to take action.

Some times we don’t click on the cart button because of the shipping charge. And likewise, sometimes we make a purchase because of free shipping.

Actually, when we see a quite enough discount on shipping (either it is included in price) we purchase the product.

The word free has great potential so if you want to be a good seller on any e-commerce website then you should compulsorily use this word.

Sometime you may decide a limit like if the net cost is below 100$ then there will be shipping or delivery charge.

And for higher than 100$ no shipping charge will be taken from the customer.

This is a good trick to increase your sell also. Suppose someone wants to buy a product and the cost of that product is 85$ and 45$ shipping.

Then he will prefer to buy one more product to save his shipping charge.

I am saying this because we all do the same and purchase more products.

Sell on eBay With Bidding Option 

Actually, it is a very effective method to sell a product at a high cost.

Suppose you have a product and it is more demanding among buyers then you can offer a minimum bid option for your customers.

Sometimes it may give you a 10 to 20 time more value then your initial price cost and it’s completely true and legal.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, most of the products and properties are sold by bidding procedure.

So by this method both customer and buyer become satisfied and while using this method on an e-commerce platform, you can get an amazing result.

What to Keep in Mind While Listing Products on Website?

  • Always Select appropriate category.
  • Select a high-quality title and Image.
  • Provide a good description.
  • Always provide some discount for buyers.
  • Provide a bidding option as more people can bid on it.
  • Give a review and feedback option for your customers.
  • The return policy is compulsory for generating sell.

How to Write a Good Title and Description?

Your title should be retractable and accurate. 

The title should be equipped in such a way that clicking on the link will become a customer’s compulsion to see it.

Now it is very important to pay attention to your product’s description.

Because with the title you have brought the customer to your product and now you can generate the sell for yourself by description.

You have to represent all the qualities of your product in detail and with very easy language.

Actually, the customer should be completely satisfied with your description.

You should describe all pros and cone of that particular product along with all necessary illustrated points.

How to Pack and Ship Product While We Sell on eBay?

selling on eBayIt is the most asked question while someone tries to sell something online. 

Most of the people don’t start it because of packing and shipping problem.

They think how we can ship and it is a more time-consuming process.

So my dear friends don’t worry about it. 

You just need to register yourself with Rocketship website.

And all courier and post service is available here with can ship your product without any problem.

You just have to recharge your account and select the appropriate courier partner.

Once you will receive an order a courier boy will come to your office to pick that product.

You should pack before his arrival.

For packing, you can arrange some box and a small team to pack that product in the boxes.

If you are a beginner then you can pack your order yourself and if you are working at home you can take help of your family members.

When your business will grow you can hire some packing team.

Why We Should Sell on eBay?

sell on eBayIf you are thinking that there are so many websites on the internet like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc. then why should I go for eBay?

Then think twice and decide. Ask yourself that Am I getting worldwide access with the same URL link. 

Amazon has different domain and subdomain for different countries like and 

You can not find bidding option there so as a seller you may get less price for your product.

Price variation can be seen easily on different domains but due to the unique domain and unique payment option, you will get the same price throughout the world.

PayPal account can be used to purchase good and service worldwide with eBay and it is very good for both buyer and seller.


Dear friends in this post I told how we can sell on eBay for a beginner with complete details.

And I hope you like this and I am sure that some more queries and doubts will be in your mind.

So don’t worry I am here to help you out you can ask your query in the comment box and also you can send us an email. You may directly contact us with our contact us page.

Along with this if you have some other queries related to this then don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are thinking that how we can ire a freelancer and how to develop content then you can directly contact us for all the service.

So, I will provide you proper keyword research, SEO content development, and backlinks.

These all service will help you for selling on eBay website with great ease.