OneCoin Update Regarding Exchange

Dear Friends Recently some top leaders open a secret regarding one Coin Exchange launch date. I am not in favor or in against the company because this announcement is an official.

What we found this confirm news that in the upcoming two months our exchange will be launch. And then we will be able to exchange our one coin cryptocurrency into fiat currency.

Dear friends I would like to tell you that there will be no limitation on transferring OneCoin from one account to another account. It means if you want to transfer some coins to your friends account then it will be your choice that how much you want to transfer.

But opposite to this, you have to face some limitations on transferring one coin from OneLife account to your bank account.

And I think this step is taken to control the liquidity for maintaining a stable price. And this is the point for our company working hard for the last 4 to 5 years.

OneCoin Update Purchase Education Package With ONE

Dear friends finally the company has opened an option to purchase the new educational package with your existing one coin.

So if you are recruiting new members to Onelife network you don’t need to pay your Fiat currency.

Any one life leader can purchase a new educational package with their one coin stored in their Onelife account.

And this is the beginning when the company starts accepting it’s on digital currency. Before this many people raised questions like why the company is not accepting its own currency so it is the answer for all those people.

What Are The Price?

So if you are reading this article completely then you might with acting about what will be the price of coins. 

So I want to tell you that the company is giving you the same one. As you are using to buy them. So the price is the same as initiated in the beginning os ONE ecosystem.

You have to pay o.5 Euro for buying 1 OneCoin. But remember difficulty is 300 TKN. And as per the result for getting 100 OneCoin you have to pay 100 OneCoin but if you are trying to purchase a package with your fiat currency then you will get tokens conversion rate on 300 difficulties.


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