OnePlus Leaking Data

Recently it cames to know that OnePlus Leaking Data of its customers. Recently I read a news on news website about OnePlus Leaking Data of its customers.

Actually OnePlus get this data from its users when they purchase a new OnePlus mobile or they activate their OnePlus Android phones.

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What Information OnePlus Collect From Its Users?

When we buy a new mobile, some basic details are asked for us. The person who sells the mobile can ask you your name, Your mobile number, your email address and your full address can be asked.

  1. Full name,
  2. Your mobile number,
  3. Email address and
  4. Full address

With this information, your mobile is activated and you are also billed for warranty. After all this, you are able to buy your mobile and come home with it, but it does not end there.

When you sign up for an application, you have to give your details, along with it, even if you activate your Microsoft account, you still have to share your personal information.

How OnePlus Leaking Data?

One Plus Mobile has an application called Shot on OnePlus. Through this application, we can upload any photo in the application as wallpaper.

And it becomes completely public and any user can use it. In exchange for uploading wallpaper, some credit is given by the company.

When we sign up with this application, we have to add our email address full name and our Permanent Address.

And this information reaches directly to 1 Plus, which is leaking. 

How Long OnePlus Leaking Data?

There is no clear information about this and when such a condition happens then we can assume that the company is leaking information from its first day.

Actually, it is considering similar to the train fine, as someone caught without a ticket. TC collects the entire travel fare from that person. 

Now either the OnePlus has to prove itself or else it will be punished.

OnePlus Leaking Data

What is Being Done by OnePlus Leaked Data?

It is not confirmed what OnePlus is doing with stolen data? But there are several predefined information regarding this. Whenever someone steals your personal information, then he sells it in the market.

Here are some ways that can be guessed which are as follows.

  • Stolen Data can be sold to a large advertising company.
  • Your personal information can be sold at a great price to any credit card or debit card company.
  • Every time a company buys its customers’ personal information, it sells it to large insurance companies.
  • Some people also use your information to add to your social media group.

I hope all your doubts clear on 3 points, that whenever a company buys your personal information, what does it do with it?

Just a few days ago a newspaper was published in the newspaper, according to which the company’s personal information of the company was sold for $ 400.

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