Dear Friends, I am Satendra Saini and since my first June 2019, I am getting a lot of queries regarding why is Satendra Saini not Updating OneCoin News?

So finally I decided to share my experience with all of you guys. And I hope you will be in favor of it. See, writing this post does not mean that I will not give updates to onecoin news after today. 

It is not at all that you will definitely get the updates. When people ask repeatedly where Satendra Saini is, I have written this post and am sharing my previous experience.

Satendra Saini OneCoin News Update Reasons

1. Temporary Account Termination

A lot of people asked me this question, what would be the strategy of onecoin in the future. And I also used to give people an answer to the queries.

And I was getting a lot of good feedback from you, which means that you were somewhat settled from my answers.

But some people did not tolerate my progress and they complained to the Compliance team. Because of which he had terminated my account for sometime later it was open.

There is nothing like this that I had given some wrong information. We all keep some of the predictions in the world of cryptocurrency.

We can say this on the basis of our Knowledge and Experience, and in the post, we also clear the point that what we are talking about can only be, it’s not 100% confirm.

But this is not the main reason I wrote the post. Because if this happens then the company will notify me already.

Then you might be wondering what was the main reason for temporary account termination?

Main Reason 

Satendra Saini OneCoin News

The main reason for this was the revision of the One Coin Company policy. Under which the company had said that you can not use any of the company’s people if you are an IMA, then you have to use your IMA logo in the same way.

And if you do not do this then you violate your IMA agreement. Therefore, your Against Company can take any action which is preset by the Compliance Team.

So even after the policy change, I did not update the logo in the old written post. And that’s why Satendra Saini had to take this step and I had removed all my posts.

Because it was said by the company that if you remove your post, then we can open your account again and I did not want to take a risk at all, so I had removed all my posts.

Satendra Saini Earn With OneCoin News Promotion

Most people think that I only get the money to publish only OneCoin News or another OneCoin Relative Article. Some people also believe that I do earn my livelihood only with the paid promotion of onecoin.

That is why Satendra Saini makes YouTube video, hence shares a post on Facebook. But my dear friends the exact matter is different.

I am not dependent on OneCoin promotion. And I am not a paid blogger. 

All of you know that I am not active with my Youtube and Facebook And Website with OneCoin News. And hope you all were thinking that I earned nothing in this month.

So if you think that this time I will not have any money then you are absolutely wrong. To make money from YouTube and to make money from the website, I do not have to depend on the only onecoin. I have a lot of knowledge and ways which I can share with people and make enough money.

And I’m not talking about this in the air. I can give you the total earning proof without Onecoin news. And if you are connected on Instagram you can check my proof.



What Do People want?

Satendra Saini Onecoin News

As I have been looking at comments and email inboxes on my website for the last 2 months. I understand that most people want to know about the OneCoin Exchange.

Who is doing what Congress has been doing, who has come out, it does not matter to the people? You do not have much education, people do not even need to know about what you are learning about?

People do not even want to know about what is going on in the market, how people can be financially free in the coming time.

Wherever you are using your currency, where you are invested, in what way you can take more profits, nobody wants to know it.

Two out of every three people want to know when we can withdraw our money when we can exchange our cryptocurrency into a fiat currency.

About this, some Weekly updates have been started in a group Learn Today Lead Tomorrow. And all people get information from there directly to them, so I was wondering what information people have.

Despite this, if you want me to give you the information and if you like the information given by me, then try to share this video as much as possible so that I can make more videos and write a post too.


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