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Whatsapp Web: How To Use Whatsapp on Laptop And Desktop?



What is Whatsapp Web?

Whatsapp Web is a great tool by which you can enjoy WhatsApp messenger on your PC. I will share everything in detail about how you can use WhatsApp on a desktop or laptop.

So Let’s see How to connect the WhatsApp web on a laptop.

WhatsApp For Web All Requirement

  1. A working smartphone with either Android, iOS or Window operating system. Rear camera should be working properly.
  2. Well working Laptop or desktop with an updated browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. 
  3. Active internet connection.
  4. Installed WhatsApp app in your smartphone. 

All essential things are stated above to enjoy Whats App web on your desktop.

I hope you have all these basic required things and now move forward for the next process.

WhatsApp Web Working Process

Dear friends Whatsapp web is a mirror copy of your WhatsApp application. As you are seeing in the image, you need to keep open your WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

Means it is clear that if you don’t have a working phone then you can’t use it on your desktop.

WhatsApp web only works with the active Whats App web messenger in your smartphone. You have to keep your phone connected otherwise this will not work for you anymore.

If there is a message on your WhatsApp, you can see it on the WhatsApp Web with great ease and reply to it.

And you will also receive notifications of incoming messages from time to time. 

But if your mobile internet stops, your web WhatsApp will also be closed. So it is very necessary that you can not use WhatsApp on the Web without WhatsApp.


How To Setup Web WhatsApp?

I hope you have seen the video and now you are ready to use web WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop monitor.

  1. Open Google chrome or any other browser in your computer.
  2. Type in your browser. A QR code appears on the desktop screen.
  3. Now open your WhatsApp messenger application on your mobile phone.
  4. Click on 3 dots or Menu option in your WhatsApp.
  5. Now open the WhatsApp web by clicking on it in mobile.
  6. Scan the QR code with mobile on your desktop or laptop screen. 
  7. Wait until green right tick mark.
  8. Connected Enjoy!


WhatsApp Web Features

A type of message with your keyword that is very easy.

You can access everything like audio, video, text, image and gif file.

Search for the old message in your chat record.

Look for new contact info.

Check new group information and start chatting with them.

You can connect your WhatsApp with multiple computers and also can use them at any time.

Similar to mobile you can receive notification and also you may disable this notification.

You can send contacts, documents, excel file, word and office file along with audio-video messages with desktop.

Voice messages and video messages, emojis and stickers could be sent very easily.

Check the whatsApp status of your friends.

Select multiple messages to delete and forward.

Chat with multiple people with a sigle window.

Fast image downloading speed and clear text reading.

Change text language as per the location.


WhatsApp Web Limitations

You will receive limited notification settings on web WhatsApp.

Two browsers can’t be connected at the same time through whats app web.

New WhatsApp status cannot be updated through the WhatsApp web.

Whatsapp broadcast is completely prohibited on web WhatsApp.

There is no option for video calls through desktop or laptop through the WhatsApp website.

Map and the current location can’t be shared with the WhatsApp website.

Web WhatsApp doesn’t allow to change media downloading setting.

How To Logout WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web

If you are using your WhatsApp on someone else computer then you can log out it by simply following the below steps. 

  • To log out of WhatsApp Web on desktop, go to Menu > Log out.

Suppose you use WhatsApp website on multiple computers. It may be your office computer, cyber cafe of your personal computer.

You can log out all devices with a single system setting. You just need to follow the below setting.

  • To log out of WhatsApp Web from all devices that your phone is connected to, go to Menu > WhatsApp Web > Log out from all devices.


Can We Use Multiple WhatsApp Account on WhatsApp Website?

Yew many people can use WhatsApp web on the same computer. But they have to use different browsers.

Suppose someone is using WhatsApp website on google chrome browser then another person can use whats app web on the same computer with a different browser like internet explorer.

But if you want to use WhatsApp on the same browser then you have to log out first and the second person can use the same browser.

I hope everything is clear about multiple WhatsApp. Different WhatsApp can be used with a different browser.

Why WhatsApp web is so popular?

Even with multiple limitations, WhatsApp web is very popular among users. My reason behind the use of web WhatsApp is text friendly.

Actually, sometimes I have to chat for a long time and for this I feel more comfortable with keyboard typing.

During WhatsApp messenger typing on phone, we have to use our fingers and it gets worst many time. Even hanging or screen rotation is another big problem.

So if you are a long time user then you must try whats app web for easy typing.

Along with this, there are many other reasons as we can easily download videos and photographs on laptops.

If you are using WhatsApp web then you easily can use keyword shortcuts for typing and multiple chat options.


Is It Safe to Use WhatsApp Web?

If we talk about security, using the Whatsapp web is considered to be fairly safe.

There were some problems initially but now all the things have been updated in WhatsApp.

But still, we should take care of a lot of things while using WhatsApp on another’s computer.

Whenever we use WhatsApp on a public computer, we should use the private window.

We should never forget to log out after using WhatsApp on the system. 

Before using the WhatsApp web, we should make sure that there is no active setting for automatic download from WhatsApp messenger.

Whenever a new version of Whatsapp is launched, you should immediately download it and you get new security benefits.

WhatsApp Web Bonus Tips

Dear Friends, When you read WhatsApp messages on your mobile, then two green ticks are made on that message.

From this, the sender knows that his message has been read. Which can sometimes prove to be quite harmful to you?

In such a situation, you should use the Whatsapp web. Because here you get the facility through which you can remove that green tick.

And when you have to reply to that message, you can say that you did not see that message.

If you do a private job then this bonus tip can prove to be very beneficial for you. 

Using this technique you can change the instructions given by your boss according to your own.

What did I like Most?

I like to use the desktop more often. It is my frequent effort that I can use as many applications as possible on my laptop.

All the social networking sites, such as Facebook Twitter Pinter LinkedIn Instagram, I use them all on desktop.

As you all know I am a blogger and I have to use more and more laptops. When I publish articles on my website, I share it on my social networking sites through my computer.

And I do this because it is very easy to do all this on the desktop.



What is the Second Method to Use WhatsApp on Desktop?

You can also run Whatsapp on your laptop or computer by downloading the Whatsapp desktop application.

These two versions will work in the same way for anyone mobile number.

If you read a message from your mobile phone, you will also see it even on the desktop.

You can download the desktop application by clicking on the link below and after installing it you can enjoy it with great ease.

WhatsApp Desktop Application Link

How to Use Whatsapp on Computer Official Video?

Which Platform is better to Use?

If you have your own personal computer and you only want to use it then you can download the application.

But if you have some limitations like you can not download the application in the office or you run WhatsApp in Cyber Cafe.

In that situation, you can not use the application.

In my opinion, you can use any method of both, because both are the official methods.

And you will get equal opportunities in both ways. I do not ever use desktop applications because in this we have to download and install the application.

While on mobile phones, we can only do our job by scanning the QR code.

Can we Use it For Business Purpose?

Gradually, it has become the world’s most popular mobile application. I believe that all the people in the world who use a smartphone are definitely using WhatsApp.

Due to high popularity, many people are trying to use it for business purposes. 

But here are a lot of limitations, which is why we are not able to get as much success in business.

Only 250 people can be added to a group, this is its biggest drawback. This website cannot be monetized direct, due to this, only a few people come here.

Here you cannot post like Instagram for being popular, and you can not create a group of 5000 people like telegrams.